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Have you ever wanted to live in the land of the rising sun?

One of the main reason for living in Japan is for new job, either relocating or to pursue a new one.

When it comes to expat life, there is no cultural shock quite like relocation to Japan. It is a country boasting an idiosyncratic culture like no other. While both popular media and Japanese art have infiltrated the international consciousness for decades, actually arriving in Japan is akin to a revelation and the created images, born of a life in which Japanese culture can seem so close and is yet so far, pales in comparison.
Expats from far and wide have travelled to this exotic country to establish a new home among its traditional lifestyle. However, Japan is also one of the most modern and technologically advanced countries in the world. Tokyo and Yokohama are nothing if not the perfect habitat for technophiles and big city lovers.
It is for Japan, this paradoxical land of the traditional and the modern, the culturally modest and the technologically audacious, that we present a list of the top ten reasons for moving there. Find out why changing your place of residence to Japan is the perfect choice for would be expats.

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People have moved from their home countries for centuries, for numerous of reasons. Some are drawn to new places by ‘pull ‘factors, others find it difficult to remain where they are and migrate because of ‘push’ factors. These have contributed to the recent movement of people here but are also the reason why people from here have emigrated to other countries. 

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